High Speed Rotogravure Printing Machine

Manufacturer & Exporter High Speed Rotogravure Printing Machine

High Speed Rotogravure Printing Machine

Model : AIM9200

The High Speed Rotogravure Printing Machine runs up to 250 meters/minutes and is suitable for 6, 8 & 10 colours PET, BOPP, LDPE, HM, LLDPE, PP and PVC.

The programmable AC imported drive driven High Speed Rotogravure printing machine with sturdy design, allow the optimum speed, stability and easy operations. Elegantly designed, state of the art machine with practically tolerance free format setting ensure reduced film waste.

  • Rotogravure Printing Press

    Aim’s range of converting machinery is designed and developed to achieve high standards in flexible packaging. Its state-of-the art technology offers freedom to carry out even complex jobs very flexibly.

  • Structure of the Frame

    Accurately & meticulously machined, tough, well built and durable heavy frame structure having good combination of plate with mild steel to maintain accuracy structure mounted on heavy duty base.

  • Unwinder / Rewinder

    Web guiding on unwind, shaftless 3” and 6” core on unwind and rewind.

  • Infeed / Outfeed

    Hard Chromium Plated Steel Roller, AC Frequency Drive AC Motor, Load Cell and Rubber Nip Roller with Pneumatically Variable Pressure.

  • Five Drive System

    AC frequency drive based on automatic direct web tension control system : Load cell or dancer based closed loop, AC digital vector drive controls five drive system on (1) Unwind station (2) In-feed station (3) Main Drive (4) Out feed station (5) Rewind station.

  • Pressure Roll

    Pneumatically Operated impression rubber rollers.

  • Doctor Blade

    Designed to ensure a strong profile of the blade resulting in doctor blade pressure, better contact angle for longer cylinder life. A facility of blade locking by eccentric rod without tools to reduce change-over time. Also allows horizontal and vertical positioning on the engraved cylinder. Pneumatic doctoring pressure adjustment is possible.

  • Trolley-System

    For quick change of engraved cylinder and the whole inking group facilitates fast and easy changes. Trolley consists of hollow type cylinder mounting shaft assembly with quick locking check nut, double ink-basin and speed variable speed AC Motorized Ink Pump.

  • Synchronous

    Motorized length and side register control system on each station, gear box with linear motion assembly and synchronized motor.

  • Air Box

    Pneumatic operated Separate dryer on each station consists of digital temperature controller.

    Web inspection lighting board on out feed station enables to inspect progressive printing process.

  • Guide Roll

    Ideal rolls made of aluminium alloy and dynamically balanced mounts the universal bearing.

  • Web Guide

    Electronic web guiding system with edge sensor and A/c Motors on unwinder station.

    Motorized web video inspection system high quality control camera, industrial PC and monitor.

    Facilitates sequence of web by inspection of the lather and entire print repeatedly.

    On-station inspection of progressive printing with help of Web-Inspection Lighting board on out feed station.

  • Panel

    Main operating control panel by touch screen.

  • Line Transmission System

    There are individual gear box at each printing station of the mechanical shaft to drive the printing unit. It also features clamping of the printing cylinder to the gear box via. Male/female gears which enable operator to easily engage or disengage the printing station while in working condition.

  • Optional Items

    Automatic colour registration control system for length and side register variation fall down during the printing process.

    Viscosity control system automatically controls the solvent.

    Turret type unwinder and rewind station with automatic splicing.

    Thermic fluid heating system.

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