Cantilever Slitter Rewinding Machine

Aim Machintechnik Pvt. Ltd.’s varied of converting equipment innovations with a highly graded, designed, accurate, superior finishing, outstanding result with excellence performance and development to achieve high standards in flexible packaging. Its state-of-the-creativity technology offers freedom to carry out convoluted job easily with extraordinary result. High productivity, ease operation, ability to handle various flexible films, paper and laminates are the key features.

AIM has marketing offices around India and across the world to ensure quickest response time and prompt service to its customers. All activities of the business are focused on delivering Customer Delight and Satisfaction through meeting On Time in Full (OTIF) and Consistent Quality.

Standard Technical Specification

Range of Width 1000/ 1300(in mm)
Range of Line Speed(MPM) 350/ 450/ 500
Maximum Reel Weight 400-800
Material’s Range PET, BOPP, LDPE, HM, LLDPE, PP and PVC.

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The Machine

Machine is implemented with German Technology and ergonomically designed mechanical component to deliver optimum performance, superior operational ease, fast registration result response in every high speed, good quality of printing, resulting in higher productivity and reduction in consumption at source, state of the art machine with practically tolerance free format setting ensure reduced film wastage, The machine built with differential winding technology with perfectly integration of new generation of electronics and ergonomically designed operating system. High productivity, ease operation, ability to handle various flexible films, paper and laminates are the key features.

Distinctively designed accurately & meticulously machined, tough, well built and durable heavy frame structure having good combination of plate with mild steel to maintain accuracy structure mounted on heavy duty base.


Roll slitting is a technique heavily used by Converters (industry). The converter industry normally refers to companies who print, coat and laminate materials. A typical converter is a company that produces flexible packaging material for packaging food. This may involve purchasing large rolls of plastic film such as biaxially orientated polypropylene (BOPP) which is then printed to the customer's design and coated with cold seal adhesive for use on high speed packaging machines. This material is printed and coated in wide, large diameter rolls for maximum efficiency. The rolls are then slit, using a slitting machine, into smaller rolls of the size to be used on the packaging machine.

The slitting section has three main options:

  • Razor slitting, which is ideal for thin plastic films – the system is very simple and quick to set. Although the razor blades are of low cost, they need to be frequently changed to ensure a good quality slit edge.
  • Rotary shear slitting. Male and female circular knives engage to give a scissor cutting effect. This system is used widely on paper, films and foils. Although the knives take longer to position, they stay sharp longer than razor blades. The setting time can be reduced by using an automatic knife-positioning system
  • Crush cut slitting. A male knife runs against an anvil. The system works well with certain materials including non-wovens and foams

With the Finished good like Namkeen Pouch, Rice Bags, Aluminium Pouch, Cement bag, Non woven rolls, PVC Shrink Labels, sack film, Cereal packaging, Courier bags / security bags, Surface protection film, Compression packaging pouch and Laminated Pouch Packaging film Products.

Machine Layout

Cantilever Slitter Rewinding Machine Exporter and Supplier in India

Salient Features

Entire machine is controlled and supervised by PLC. The ‘POWERLINK which is Industrial Ethernet based bus system’ for machine automation maintains tight synchronization between PLC and drives, providing fast, reliable, and precise telegraph. Master control panel existed touch screen operator interface positioned at rewind side and slave control panel at unwind side provide easy access for operator.

Machine is totally dependent on automation to easy operating system and minimum wastage level.

Carefully and methodologically machined strong & well-built heavy duty steel frame structure machined on CNC/VMC, maintains accuracy over long dependable life. Distinctively designed structure ensures less vibration even with optimum line speed. All components undergoes extensive tests, ensures optimum performance and longer equipment life.

Unwinder with motorized with bolt shaft screw operator reel lifting system consist of two solid arm mounted on precision linear guide ways, which allows lateral displacement for web aligner. This arm assembly is mounted on a gear motor with bolt shaft screw and linear guide operated pivoting steel structure for pickup of the floor level position. Mechanical self expanding chuck suitable for 76mm and 152mm core are provided.

Automatic web tension control system on unwind of AC drive, AC motor and pair of load cell. The system maintains tension precisely throughout the reel run up to the core diameter.

Aluminium alloy’s material, Dynamically Balanced, Cork coated and smoothly rotation on low friction bearing.

Digitally programmed printed line/edge web guiding system with high maintains precision linear bearing assembly provides an accurate positioning of web with the help of scanning head and PMDC Motor with Ball Screw.

By using AC drive and AC motor, web tension control is maintained precisely. The draw units pulls the subtract from unwind and isolates tension between unwind and rewind. Draw unit mainly compared of drive and AC motor, hard chrome plated steel roll are pressed by pneumatically air cylinder and voluntary pressure control is available at both the side.

Hi performance differential winding system consists of AC drive, motor, load-cell, ultrasonic sensor etc. The system allows the operator to enter the set tension, taper tension and over speed values according to the nature of substance and the system will maintain the desired tension automatically.

The duplex differential winding system consists dual centre shafts, ball type quick locks ad inflatable tubes which gives perfect quality winding. Differential shaft automatically compensates diameter over speed value.

Static Eliminating bars are positioned between Pull-Nip and Rewinder to discharge static charge generated before winding.

Lay on assembly consists of one rubber roller, one cork roller and arms. The assembly can be easily moved on a linear motion guide. Rollers width can be easily changed to suite slit width. Contact pressure can be easily changed during the working.

Pneumatically operated shaft supporting arms facilitate quick unloading of the slit reels from differential shaft to unloading stand. The unloading stand provides support to cantilevered differential shaft during unloading operation.

Laser core positioning system enables the operator to reload new core at accurate distance without length measurement. This high technology device minimizes set up time. The laser core positioning is mounted at top of rewind station.

The most excellent design of slitting section provides safety and helps operator an easy access to cutters. The slitting section consists optional methods of cutting and trimming which are rotary and stationery. The selection of option depends upon the material to be slitted. The two shafts give accurate output in shear and razor cutting bottom shaft. The bottom shaft is driven by the main motor.