Flexographic Printing Machine

The programmable AC imported drive driven Flexographic printing machine with sturdy design, allow the optimum speed, stability and easy operations. Elegantly designed, state of the art machine with practically tolerance free format setting ensure reduced film waste.

Standard Technical Specification

Range of Width 500/ 600/ 800/ 1000/ 1200/ 1600 (in mm)
Range of Line Speed(MPM) 150
Range of Colours 2/ 4/ 6/ 8
Web Tension Range 20-400 N

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Flexographic – abbreviated to flexo – printing is a form of rotary printing in which quick-drying inks are transferred from flexible printing plates to a substrate. This is primarily used for large-scale printing of text and images on a variety of materials such as plastic, fabrics, metallic film, paper and nonwovens. The benefits of flexo printing are many, including:

  • The ability to quickly change the print designs
  • Easy adjustment of the repeat lenght of the printed pattern
  • Speed of the production process which, once the initial setup is completed, is fully automated
  • The ability to use a wide variety of ink types
  • Environmentally-friendly process, when water-based inks are used
  • Low maintenance requirements, with parts that tend to have a long operating life

Machine Layout

Flexographic Printing Machine Manufacturer in India

Technical Specifications

Sr Model Web Width Max. (mm) Print Repeat Min. - Max. Connected Load KW*
2 Colour 4 Colour 6 Colour 8 Colour
1 AIM 500 FP 500 8" - 32" 9 11 18 20
2 AIM 600 FP 600 8" - 32" 10 12 19 21
3 AIM 800 FP 800 8" - 32" 12 14 21 23
4 AIM 1000 FP 1000 8" - 32" 14 16 23 25
5 AIM 1200 FP 1200 10" - 36" 16 18 26
6 AIM 1600 FP 1600 10" - 36" 18 20 28

Salient Features

  • Machine Frame construction of 30mm mild steel plate
  • Simplex/Duplex unwind station with manual spring type brakes
  • Simplex/ Duplex rewind station with manual spring type clutch
  • Rewind with torque motor and controller
  • hafting of 60mm for high load of roll can handle


  • The system mainly composed of matt chromium plated steel roller AC servo motor and drive, load cells and rubber covered nip roller with pneumatically adjustable pressure
  • Web material transported within converting machines will not always track straight. A web guiding system is required for proper alignment of the material
  • A variety of factors such as, poor quality raw materials, material property variations in raw materials, improper machine alignment, improperly maintained machines, environmental conditions, and processing conditions, cause lateral web misalignment as they are transported in the converting machines/lines
  • The system provides precise tension control of the web before entering to the first printing station and isolates the printing unit from tension disturbance of the unwinding zone
  • Dancing roller on pivoting lever mounting loaded by a counterweight (unique mechanism for tension feedback) having motorized movement by means of slo-syn motor. The dancing roller position controls the speed of the in-feed motor
  • Specially designed, dynamically low friction-low inertia idle rollers made of aluminium ally mounted on-low friction bearing, enhance rotational smoothness
  • Metallurgy, shaft end, internal boring of the aluminium pipe is done, computerized dynamically balancing, bearing with self lubricate and temp resist grease
  • Drive control System
  • Digital temperature control
  • Programmable AC Imported Drive
  • Hot air drying system
  • Centrifugal AC Blower
  • Heater drying chamber
  • The “ceramic” functioning layer provides a basis for the laser engraving of our anilox rollers. We use tried-and-tested chromium oxide ceramics (Cr2O3) for this purpose, given their characteristic melting properties, density and – in particular – their suitability for high-energy laser engraving. We place high demands on material quality in this respect
  • Doctor Blade Chamber - In the flexographic inking process is the enclosed chamber doctor blade system. In this system, two doctor blades are used along with an enclosed chamber to dispense the ink to the anilox roll. The reverse angle blade acts as the metering blade and wipes excess ink from the anilox roll
  • Ink Circulating Pump - These pumps are manufactured using best grade stainless steel in order to protect them from corrosion. Flame-proof in nature, the Ink Circulating Pump is fitted with a pump fan which uniformly stirs the ink while working thus maintaining the viscosity of ink. This form of pump is best suited for improving the printing and coating quality. We also fix few valves in the pumps which play a vital part in controlling the flow of ink inside the tank
  • The Optical colour sensor on individual stations detects the mark continuously when the machine is running and speedily calculates the registration error and conveys it to the control unit
  • The control unit generates necessary motor control output in order to correct error. The system will control registration error, independent of machine speed
  • Motorized web video inspection system consists of high quality CCD colour camera, industrial pc & monitor
  • This air is providing at unwinder and rewinder to hold the roll tightly
  • For holding tightly air is given pressurized the air